Thermal Baths


From natural sources to medical treatments,
discover the healing power of thermal baths.

Hotel Al Sole Terme in Abano Terme is not only a place of relaxation and comfort but also a gateway to high-level thermal treatments, thanks to our affiliation with the National Health System (SSN).

You can benefit from mud-bath therapy and inhalation treatments, such as aerosols and inhalations, all based on the salso-bromo-iodic thermal water that springs directly from the pure depths of the Prealps. For those clients who come with a medical prescription, it is possible to access an annual cycle of these specialized treatments by paying only the health ticket, unless they are exempt.

Our thermal springs have their origins in the pristine basins of the Prealps. As the water travels underground, it heats up significantly, exceeding 200°C, and then rises in the areas of the Euganean thermal basin where its particular geology allows it to resurface. This precious water emerges at the surface with a temperature of 87°C, enriched with beneficial minerals. A unique kind of water, which not only feeds our pools and inhalation treatments but is also essential for our “mature” thermal mud, known for its extraordinary healing properties. Immerse yourself in the healing power of our thermal baths and let your body and mind find rejuvenation and well-being.



At Hotel Terme Al Sole, there is an oasis dedicated exclusively to mud-balneotherapy. A department is entirely devoted to this ancient practice, with a team of specialized professionals who operate under the guidance and supervision of our Medical Director.

The essence of our therapy lies in mature mud, carefully extracted by hand from our tanks by a group of experienced attendants.

This manual method ensures that the mud retains its ideal texture, with greater density and plasticity, essential for an effective and therapeutic application.


A True Therapy Beyond Just Wellness

Mud-balneotherapy, far from being merely a wellness practice, is an effective therapeutic ally. It has long been used in both the treatment and prevention of a wide range of conditions, including:

Rediscover the healing power of earth and water through our exclusive mud-balneotherapy, and let your body and mind experience genuine renewal.

European Patent No. 157120

European Patent No. 157120 establishes and protects the presence of various active ingredients in thermal mud, naturally generated during the correct maturation process. Scientific studies conducted by the Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Center, the holder of the patent, have not only identified these active ingredients but have also proven their effectiveness in treating chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases, especially those of osteoarticular origin.


Inhalations and Aerosols with Our Thermal Water

Thermal inhalation practices have a long tradition of use and are recognized by the scientific community as beneficial for treating respiratory tract disorders and preventing infectious relapses.

The unique thermal water of Abano Terme, used in inhalation treatments, offers significant advantages both in preventive and curative terms.

At our hotel, guests can benefit from inhalations and aerosols to effectively treat disorders of both the upper and lower respiratory tracts.


A therapy suitable for all, adults and children alike

Thermal therapy with salsobromoiodic water is recommended for:

Through inhalation therapies, guests can experience significant anti-inflammatory effects, which contribute to reducing pathogenic microorganisms present in the respiratory tract.

These treatments also promote the fluidification of secretions, restoring respiratory mucus to its optimal characteristics.

The therapy also has antiseptic properties, and promotes a robust stimulation of the ciliary apparatus, essential for the cleaning and functionality of the respiratory tract.


Endotympanic Insufflations

Endotubal insufflation, also known as endotympanic treatment, is a therapeutic method specifically aimed at the Eustachian tube, the tympanic cavity, and the components of the middle ear transmission apparatus.

The main goal is to ensure proper ventilation of the middle ear and to facilitate the drainage of any sero-mucous secretions present.

It is strongly recommended to combine therapeutic tubaric catheterization with inhalation treatments, such as inhalations and aerosols, in order to also address triggering causes, such as inflammation of the upper airways.

To proceed with the insufflations, it is necessary to have undergone an otolaryngological examination and to present the results of the following tests: otomicroscopy, pre- and post-treatment audiometric examination, and pre- and post-treatment impedancemetry.

These tests can be conveniently performed in the clinic of the Hotel Terme Al Sole.

Endotympanic insufflations are techniques used to prevent and treat various conditions, such as:



Movement is life. When the body encounters obstacles or difficulties, often due to trauma or illness, it is crucial to regain the natural harmony and fluidity of movement.

Kinesitherapy, which combines the ancient wisdom of the Greek words “kinésis” (movement) and “therapeía” (treatment), represents the art and science of healing through movement.


The Art of Movement in Water

Water, a primordial element, has long been considered a source of renewal and healing. Hydrokinesitherapy utilizes the unique properties of thermal water to treat a range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. The water provides resistance and support, allowing for quicker recovery and reduced pain.

At the Hotel Terme Al Sole, we offer both individual assisted hydrokinesitherapy sessions and guided sessions, allowing us to customize the approach according to the needs of each guest.


Recovery and Strengthening of Movement

Every trauma, whether orthopedic or neurological, presents unique challenges. Physiokinesitherapy, through a series of specialized techniques, aims to stimulate the nervous system, strengthen muscles, and restore mobility.

This holistic approach ensures that patients not only recover physically but also regain confidence in their bodies.

From lower back pain to post-stroke complications, FKT offers a wide variety of rehabilitative solutions, all customizable to individual needs.